Yarn Journeys Book Club -  December 2020 (Vanam)

Yarn Journeys Book Club - December 2020 (Vanam)

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Yarn Journeys Book Club

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Details:  Our yarn club will highlight and celebrate beautiful stories from BIPOC children’s authors. Both of us remember how important it was to see ourselves represented in the books we read as children. 

What is Included in the Club?:  Each Club will include 2 50g skeins of fingering weight, a variegated yarn with a coordinating semi-solid. 

85% Superwash Merino 15% Nylon


There will also be a bookmark that corresponds with the book.

Goal:  We want to highlight the diverse voices that exist, and hope that people can learn and  share them with every generation. Our hope is to open a dialogue and pathway to understanding and empathy. 

In keeping in line with our goals we have reserved two sets for BIPOC makers.  We will be offering this each month.

Dates:  To begin in January 2020 and end December 2020

Listings will be up in our respective website December 6 at 10am CST/11am EST.

This month’s Club, will be based on The Tea Party in the Woods, written and illustrated by Akiko Miyakoshi. These will be mailed out December 31.

Pricing: $34

Image Description: 2 skeins of yarn, November’s Yarn Journeys Book Club, lay to the right of a hardcover book titled The Tea Party in the Woods and on top of the book is November’s Bookmark, in the shape of a wolf. All lay on an ebony backdrop with flower and leaf cutouts. On the cover of the book is a child with yellow hair, who has on a black coat, checked pants and boots. She has a red hat, gloves, and is holding a box tied with string. She is walking in snow laden woods with bare trees all around. From behind the trees peek, a deer in a black coat and scarf, a rabbit in a yellow coat and another creature in a brown coat.

Yarns from left are from November’s Yarn Journeys Book Club.

LUPINE FOREST-A jewel green with grey and mustard speckles. GREY WOLF-A white, grey with black and red, brown speckles.

Yarn has been washed in environmentally friendly wool wash and rinsed, minimal bleeding might occur. Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. 

Dyed in Dog Friendly Home